0456 AIRCON specialises in providing exceptional quality, value for money, air conditioning and split system solutions to a broad range of homeowners and businesses across Queensland.

Split System Sales

0456 AIRCON are specialists in air conditioning, which means we’re able to provide you with specialist advice on which air conditioning system best suits your environment, based on your specific needs and budget. We only partner with leading manufacturers, such as Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric, Fujitsu, Carrier and Actron Air.

Air Conditioning Installations

Our professional installation team have installed air conditioning systems in hundreds of homes and businesses. We pride ourselves on high-quality workmanship, incredible presentation and complete customer satisfaction. We are able to install your brand new air conditioning system with minimal fuss and within quick timeframes.



Air Conditioning Clean

Did you know that keeping your air conditioner clean is the key to keeping it operating at peak performance and ensuring a hygienic air supply? 0456 AIRCON offers a complete air conditioning clean that will keep your air conditioner running longer, cooler and cleaner for years to come.

Exceptional Service

At 0456 AIRCON, we are specialists in the air conditioning space and pride ourselves on providing each of our clients with incredible customer service. If you are in need of an air conditioning installation or clean, please get in touch with the 0456 AIRCON team today.

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